soaring_2_stars (soaring_2_stars) wrote,

An offer to Rocky Mountain

Dear Headmaster,
It has come to my attention that your fine Institution is suffering from unanticipated funding reductions. I have not forgotten your patience and understanding in the delayed start to my daughter’s education at Rocky Mountain, nor has she yet stopped speaking of how pleased she was to have completed her education under your Headship. Hence it would be my absolute pleasure to do what I can to help the school now attended by my niece and nephew. You may be aware I own the broomstick company Cirrus, manufacturers of quality broomsticks and Quidditch supplies. If you could spare the time to compile a list of such items used by your students that are in need of replacement, I would be most obliged to donate new and updated equipment free of charge, on the understanding that these gifts would remain property of the school. I beg you do not be restrictive; business is flourishing and it would be wonderful for your Quidditch program to be in the same state.
I eagerly anticipate your reply. Yours most cordially, Leonard Tallow

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